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After revealing cuts in the 25 bus timetable that came into effect this week, the badger can now confirm that we're going to be spending more on the service.

Citing increasing operational costs, Brighton and Hove Bus Company raising the price of a single journey from 1 to 1.20 . The announcement comes just a week after the month early introduction of high summer timetables on all no.25 routes. This means cuts of up to four buses an hour onto campus. The fare hike comes despite Brighton and Hove admitting to the badger last week that a driver shortage means further reduced services. Meanwhile, drivers could also be bringing services into turmoil by striking on May 26th, a day after the jump in fares.

Drivers and garage staff are demanding an immediate pay increase to 8 per hour. A series of strikes are planned throughout the summer if the pay claim is not met.

The GMB union, which represents bus drivers and garage workers, believe the current wage of 7.28 not enough due to the high cost of living in Brighton and the stressful nature of working as a bus driver. The GMB has also argued the bus company can afford the pay rise as it is part of Go- Ahead transport group, which made massive profits last year.

The fare increases on Brighton's buses are the first since the flat-fare system was introduced two years ago. Despite more expensive single journey tickets, the day saver tickets, which give you unlimited travel on the buses, have been reduced to 2.40. The company says it will offer better value if your journey involves more than two bus routes. Despite this, the fare increases and timetable changes will anger most students who use the no.25, especially when exams start.

The cost of a bus journey Brighton is now more than many other university cities in Britain, such as Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and even London.