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For most people, extreme sport is falling off cranes and jumping out of planes, and this is unlikely to feature on their daily agenda. For those who have experienced it, extreme is something even our wonderful language canít even put into words...

But bungee jumping and parachuting are just two of the many activities the new S-Xtreme Sports Club organises, so beware of typecasting. The club aims to provide a variety of outdoor activities for students of both Sussex and Brighton Universities, arranging social and sporting opportunities available in the immediate area and throughout the UK.

This term features weekends away to Derbyshire for mountain biking and caving (or just come and enjoy the beautiful sights the Peak District has to offer). There are trips to Wales for rafting, horse riding and windsurfing, and to Cambridgeshire for the next parachuting course. Dazzle yourself in the colourful (and sometimes painful) world of paintballing, go mud karting, and there is also the small matter of the UK Campus Bungee - Part II.

The Escape club sponsors the SXteme, which means big Saturday night socials with exclusive free entry and discounted drinks, a saving of over £10. The night kicks off at 7pm this Saturday in the King and Queen. Make sure you are there by 7.30pm, in time for the best pub-crawl in Brighton!

S-Xtreme is for the students, run by the students and so welcomes suggestions for activities which are not yet catered for. Recently people have enquired about horse riding and playing ice hockey, and S-Xtreme are now in the process of setting these up.

Additionally, the club offers the facility to organise extra trips for other clubs, societies or simply groups of friends. It is possible to get your group discounted tickets for a variety of activities. So if the S-Xtreme programme does not fit in with your schedule and you have a group of over 15, then contact the club.

To find out more, send emails to sxtreme@sussex.ac.uk or visit the website at http://www.s-xtreme.com You can book at the Activities Office, Falmer House between 12-3pm weekdays. Membership has been reduced to just £7, the cheapest on campus, and this fee is fully reimbursed by coming along to just one of the Saturday socials. The trips are filling up fast so donít miss out!

The club is keen to get more people actively involved in the numerous university activities on offer. So whether youíre into clubbing or horse riding, mountain biking or paintballing, parachuting or bungee jumping, there is something for everyone. You see, there are many facets to the wonderful world of extreme sports.